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Lost and found

Aday Traun and Paco

Back in Barcelona after more than two years, today our sexy Italian mate Paco seems to be lost, looking for the place where he has to go for an audition. May be he is not ringing at the right door but he founds there Aday Traun, having a smoking break outdoor. Aday immediately notices Paco's big muscled ass and decides to approach and help him – now I open you the door, later I'll open your ass – this is what Aday has in mind. Paco parts with pleasure the eager looks of the other guy and both enter inside together. The two mates take a service lift to climb the building and right there inside they start kissing and licking each other; with fear and at the same time excitement of getting caught Aday wants to go further and first puts Paco on his knees to get sucked, then pulls his pants down to rim and prepare that hairy juicy ass for a thick hard cock. They can't resist and start fucking in the elevator then Aday bring the bearded guy inside his private office: now there's not fear of getting caught and he can take and dominate him just the way he likes.